The Realtime International Film Festival; Acting Methods and how to work with directors

The American Space Ibadan hosted workshop called The Realtime International Film Festival, themed: Acting Methods and How to Work with Directors. The purpose of the workshop is to champion an artistic baseline where equity and openness is enhanced among Creative Artists, Filmmakers, and Film Enthusiasts. It’s a platform where everyone feels equal.

The facilitators at the event were Segun Arinze, Actor and a Film Maker. Ronya Man, Actress and a Producer.

According to the facilitators, we don’t become thing in life because of the equipment or the dress, but because of it’s a job. Acting is reacting to put myself in the shoes of the character. Imagination is a necessary condition for acting, without imagination acting is boring. Also, every character has a link with one’s personal life.

The facilitators laid emphasis on the steps to being a good actor, which are;

  • Talent: This is the main point in which without, everything doesn’t matter.
  • Discipline: This is the essence of a person. It describes a person.
  • Hard work: This is also an important factor of being a good actor.
  • Commitment: to be a good actor, you have to have a purpose and put your heart to what you do.
  • Focus: To be a good actor, you pay attention to every detail.
  • Humility: This is also a very important actor of being a good actor.

In conclusion, the participants were encouraged to trust themselves and others in whatever the set out to do.

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